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About osob.de

Actually, pretty boring stuff. But alright, here comes the fantastic osob.de story.

It was the year 2004, and a bunch of crazy internet enthusiasts had the idea to build a website together. The topic was initially secondary. First, they needed a domain and some web space. So, they decided to use a domain that made no sense, had no meaning. Or written together: osob.

The website was used for all sorts of purposes. At one point, there was a forum, a one-click hoster, a blog, and then another forum. So, always something new, until the domain accidentally expired. Then the domain was snatched up by a domain trader and offered on the internet for thousands of euros.

After a few years, the domain became available again and was re-registered by us. And now it's back. Since the enthusiasts have now become a few old hands who approach certain things more professionally than in the early 2000s, we have decided to use the domain osob.de as a playground again. This time, however, with purpose and sense, and services that really provide added value and are available for a long time.

Who's Behind It

osob.de is operated by Xzit. Xzit is a small company dedicated to web development and system integration. Learn more at xzit.online.